Monday, May 17, 2004

Torres, Rosalie T. and Preskill, Hallie S. "Communicating and Reporting: Practices and Concerns of Internal and External Evaluators." Evaluation Practice, Spring/Summer 1997, Vol. 18, Issue 2.

This article reports on the findings of a survey of evaluators and focuses on communicating and reporting practices.

Reading notes:
---- don't bother writing long, elaborate reports, even if a few people will read them, their actual impact is likelly to be limited.
---- delivery findings/lessons through a variety of communication channels, add visuals, use understandable language.

---- continuous engagement of stakeholders works best to ensure "utilization" of evaluation findings.

---- challenge of balancing negative and positive findings.

---- internal and external evaluators tend to face the same challenges. Internal evaluators often have a better understanding of the politics involved and are sometimes in a better position to adjust their message and communication strategies for maximum impact.

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