Insight Maps


Map #33 - Topic Map using tagging in TiddlyMap
In this case the topic selected for the map was "Insight Mapping" and the nodes refer to individual notes captured in TiddlyMap while the connecting lines (edges) are the relationships.  Some of them are journal notes and you can see one book. The only relationship shown in this map is a topic tag, which means that all nodes on the map were tagged with the "Insight Mapping" topic.  This is representing a very small fraction of all the nodes (1500+) and relationships.

Map #32 - Brainstorming around Waste Management and Technology Solutions within a system

Map #31 - George Mason University - ODKM Program
A Map of the KM and Collaborative Work class I teach

Map # 30 - Questions to Ask When Starting a New Job

Map # 29 - First 100 Days on the Job  -  Horizontal Layout

Map # 28 - First 100 Days on the Job - Circular Layout

Map # 27 - Networking (an initial attempt at mapping a simple causal loop).  This implies and does not sufficiently represents the learning process that is required to make this a positively self-reinforcing loop.  It could as well become a negative experience. 

Map #26 - Key Insights from a 30-Day Challenge

Map #25 - Goal Setting with Color-coded Prioritization

Map #24 - Understanding Permaculture - A Beginner's Map

Map #23 - Notes for "Invest in Your Own Future, a 5- minute speech.

Map # 22 - Social Impact Consulting.  See also the web version with hyperlinks

Map #21 - Customer Journey Map - External Consultant Services

Map #20 - Knowledge Map for Fillip Consulting, LLC, highlighting critical knowledge areas (Version 1)

Map #19 - Integrating Tools and Processes for Personal Knowledge Management (see blog post of July 30, 2016)

Map #18 - Ce que j'ai retenu de quelques jours de vacances vélo: Analyse sous un angle écotourisme/écotouriste
(Juillet 2016)

Map #17 - A List of Knowledge Management Books to Support Job Transition Conversations

Map # 16 - Carte développée pour un MOOC FUN en Français sur l’écotourisme. 

Map # 15: Decision making Map: Morocco Bike Trip

Map # 14: Outline for Insight Mappin 201: Mapping for Creatives

Map No. 13: "Make it as easy as possible, but not easier."

Map No. 12: Personal Learning Plan - Jan-March 2016

Map No. 11: Goal-setting

Map No. 10: Bicycling Lessons

Map No. 9: Do you have a blogging strategy?

Map No. 8: A through Z of Learning (my favorite map)

Map No. 7: Why Organizations Don't Learn (Article Summary and Reflection)

Map No. 6: Lessons in Changing a Tire

Map No. 5: Design Thinking and Knowledge Management (Meeting notes/thoughts)
Map No. 4: Are we unique?  Who could we learn from?"

Map No. 3: A different kind of map, trying to define the boundaries of knowledge management

Map No. 2: Personal Learning Plan (early effort)
Map No.1: French Film Music Composers

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