Sunday, July 17, 2011

The History of Information: a course and a Pearltree

I've spent the past month devoting ~an hour a day to "The History of Information," a Berkeley course with reading list and webcasts available online. This is my first experience completing a full set of online video lectures. I can't say I did all the readings, but I listened attentively to all the webcasts (most of the time).

I took some notes, but without a precise goal (like passing the final exam), I was mostly interested in getting a bird's eye view of the topic and in typical "collector" mode, I bookmarked a significant number of resources mentioned in the reading list or in the lectures, most of which I scanned but did not read. I collected and organized these resources in Pearltrees.

 The History of Information 

So, what did I learn?
Did I learn less, as much, or more than the average student in that class who attended the face-to-face lectures, interacted with the professors, and presumably, did all the assignments? I suspect I learned less, but that's just fine. My goals were different and my goals were met.

Besides the course materials, I learned a lot about what I like and don't like about Pearltrees.

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