Saturday, January 12, 2013

Starting the 10 Tools Challenge

Here are my "tools" goals for this year:
1. Explore tools I've previously stayed away from:  I'll try tools that involve audio and video, both from a producer and user point of view.
2. Find new ways of using "old" tools, tools I've tried and abandoned and tools I use regularly but not necessary to their full potential. 
3. Document the experience on this blog.

I'll do this in the context of Jane Hart's 10 Tools Challenge.

However, trying/testing tools without a broader goal isn't going to be sufficient for me.  I need to do this within the context of a broader personal/professional development framework.  I'm more likely to sustain this effort if it also fulfills other learning interests.

Outputs might include:
  • An overview presentation on Personal Knowledge Management for Project Managers, using audio and video components for use in a self-paced learning environment.
  • A TiddlyWiki space template for organizing notes for a new novel (and related research notes on self-publishing options and tools needed for self-publishing).

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