Sunday, March 10, 2013

10 Tools Challenge - Diigo - Making better use of what I bookmark

I'll be attending a course on creativity for the next three days and I decided to refresh my brain attic by scanning through my Diigo collection for anything tagged "creativity."  There were 40 items, the first one dating from 2006.

What do my bookmarks tell me?

1) If you use social bookmarking on an ongoing basis (it doesn't have to be a very consistent habit), you will end up with a very solid collection;
2) Eventhough "creativity" isn't one of my key topics, it's one that has sustained my interest over the years based on my bookmarks;
3) I am a collector.  I re-read recently the paper by Patrick Lambe on Personal Knowledge Managemement where he highlights the main KM personalities.  I'm definitely a collector, so finding useful ways to revisit my collections, rather than just categorize and move on, would add value to the process.

Eventually I decided the best thing to do was go view some TedTalks on Creativity, which I had bookmarked and most likely did not fully watch.

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