Saturday, January 02, 2016

Mindful Conversations (part 2)

I don't take New Year's resolutions seriously.  I set goals for myself throughout the year at irregular intervals.  They come in cycles, and I tend to use goal setting as a way to pick myself up when I'm getting a little bored with whatever I am doing.

In most cases these goals are couched in terms of "learning".  I think that's the way I create the necessary motivation.  Nothing motivates me more than learning something new, so if my goal was to drink more water on a daily basis, I would probably end up writing up that goal as "I'm going to learn how to drink more water."

Mapping is a great way to start exploring and dissecting a goal, to make it clear, to identify specific initial steps.  Here's my initial map for the goal I set yesterday.

To keep it alive as I get engulfed in a wave of other learning opportunities (I have signed up for too many MOOCs in the next few weeks), I am integrating this goal into my Personal Learning Plan.

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