Sunday, February 07, 2016

Insight Mapping 101 - Key Milestone Reached on Skillshare

Hurray!  I received my 25 student "pin".  This must be an example of the gamification of teaching.  
Teaching a class on Skillshare is rewarding in many ways, some of which I had not anticipated.  
For example, while I was fully aware of the 25 student milestone, I was determined not to pay too much attention to it because my goal is very long-term and trying to reach 25 students in the first two weeks after launch wasn't going to do much for my long-term strategy.  

Still, there is nothing like a target.  This one is almost an anchor.  Twenty-five students is a key milestone because that's when Skillshare starts giving you some attention, in two ways:  First, you class starts trending in the class catalog; second, you can start getting paid.  Of course, you need hundreds of students to make it an income-generating activity, and you need at least a dozen courses to keep the momentum going.

There is a temptation to stop the marketing when you reach 25 students.  That would be a mistake.  The next big milestones are probably those I need to set for yourself to make sure I both work well with the Skillshare platform, understanding how to make the most of it, AND keep moving towards my long-term objectives.

  • 20% enrollment (visits to page/enrollment)
  • Five positive written reviews, with specific comments, not just the "yes, I recommend the class" variety.
  • Ten projects posted for every 100 students (10% conversion from enrolled to project posted).
  • Five comments/questions from students in the discussion area.
  • Develop a complete curriculum around insight mapping
  • Create and launch one new class every 6 weeks

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