Saturday, July 15, 2017

One Book-a-Day Blog Challenge: Mid-point Reflection

Time for a pause, a reflective pause of course, not a pause in writing.  I've reached the half-way point in the Book-a-Day Blog Challenge.  A few thoughts:
  • I'm writing posts with a 3-4 day buffer, meaning that I have 3-4 blog posts ready in case I can't keep up with a book every single day for whatever reason.  The buffer helps to mitigate the pressure to stick with the schedule and allows me to re-read and finalize a post that I drafted several days ago, and draft a new one each day.  I already know I might not be able to do it three days in a row next week so I will schedule the publishing of three posts ahead of time.  (In reality this makes no difference to anyone but me, but that's fine too).
  • I'm a little concerned that the stream-of-consciousness aspect of the posts makes them less readable.  As long as I keep them reasonably short it should be fine.
  • I had not initially planned a specific format for the posts.  The "TO DO" items at the end of each or most posts is turning out to be useful.  I also like the little insights that are emerging.  This makes it all fun enough that I don't have any trouble motivating myself to keep with it.  I've started compiling the aggregate "TO DO" list.  It will need some prioritizing. I suspect that when I review it at the end of the 30 days, I'll have a "what was I thinking?" reaction to half of them.
  • For now, randomly picking a book from my bookshelf has worked well.  It might become a little more difficult as I get closer to 30.  I've also "discovered" that July has 31 days, so technically, this may be the 31-day Book-a-Day Blog Challenge.  Either that or the 31st post will be a recap.
  • I was initially unsure that this exercise would lead to anything that could be turned into a useful insight map.  I would have given it a 50% chance of success. I am now 75% sure that I can generate such a map AND a very useful follow up to-do list for additional insights and blog posts, including a post about how to generate ideas for blog posts for example.  Idea generators are great as long as I remind myself that the ratio of ideas to useful insights can be 50/1.
  • I realized, a few days ago, that I may have previously blogged about some of these books.  I could at least check if I have.  It doesn't mean I wouldn't write about them again, but it would be slightly embarrassing to unknowingly repeat myself.  Knowingly and purposefully repeating myself would be fine. :)  This realization, in turn, prompted me to compile a list of all the blog post headings in the past 10 years. This blog dates from 2003, but 10 years back is enough.
Let's keep going!

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