Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Knowledge Mapping

Today, I am presenting the first of three lunchtime sessions on knowledge mapping.  Knowledge mapping can mean many different things, so I plan on presenting a variety of maps.  In the process of preparing for the sessions, which are meant to be very informal conversations, I came to recognize that when I talk about knowledge mapping others might call it information or knowledge modelling and if there is a comprehensive typology of maps, each is best suited for a specific purpose.  

Knowledge mapping also has a different meaning in Knowledge Management circles, but that's another topic. This site is called "Insight Mapping" and that's yet another niche application of the broader concept of knowledge mapping. 

Coming back to today's presentation before I digress completely, the first session will focus on mind maps.  The second session (next week) will be on concept maps, which is more in line with my own mental models.  The third session will take a leap into areas I am still learning, reaching into ontologies and knowledge graphs.  

For the first time in many years, looking back at the various maps I have collected on this site and elsewhere, provided some useful material for reflection.  

In this context, I have also enjoyed reading Maria Keet's new book:  The What and How of Modelling Information and Knowledge:  From Mind Maps to Ontologies, 2023. 

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