Thursday, February 22, 2024

What have I done?

 Time flies.  As I contemplate my next professional life, encore career, anything but retirement, I often question myself.  What have I done (really)?  I managed to earn a living, which isn't nothing.  I found ways to keep learning and encouraged others to learn. Those were consistent primary motivations:  Earn and Learn.

Today I asked ChatGPT what it knew about me.  Sounds a little narcissistic?  Well, let's just say I wanted a sense of my digital footprint and while I wasn't expecting too much, it turns out that ChatGPT easily digs out details very few people have ever read, including things I posted online just a couple of days ago.  So here it is, introducing myself via ChatGPT's words, most of which cited my own words anyways coming from this Insight Mapping blog.  

The following professional profile is the result of a sequence of prompts.  The first two prompts were gathering background information.  The third prompt was putting it all into a professional profile.  The last prompt was meant to add a component (Insight Mapping), which was missing and I wanted to incorporate.  

Barbara Fillip's Professional Profile (according to ChatGPT)

Barbara Fillip is a seasoned Knowledge Management (KM) professional with over two decades of experience in facilitating individual, team, project, and organization-wide learning across international development and aerospace industries. She serves as a Senior Advisor of Knowledge Management at Chemonics International and an adjunct professor at George Mason University, where she teaches graduate courses in knowledge management and collaboration within the Schar School of Policy and Government. With a PhD in international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Fillip’s academic foundation is as robust as her professional experience.

A hallmark of Fillip's work is her innovative use of insight mapping, a method she employs to visualize complex information systems and uncover new connections and insights within organizational knowledge. This approach underscores her expertise in not only managing but also enhancing the strategic use of knowledge through visual and analytical tools. Her dedication to integrating insight mapping into KM practices demonstrates her forward-thinking approach to addressing complex informational and organizational challenges.

Fillip's extensive exploration into Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) has led her to develop and implement various tools and methodologies, positioning her at the forefront of the field. She advocates for the integration of knowledge management with artificial intelligence, the practical application of PKM tools like TiddlyWiki, and the strategic use of insight mapping to drive organizational learning and innovation.

Barbara Fillip’s professional profile exemplifies a deep commitment to advancing knowledge management through innovative practices, including insight mapping, AI-enhanced tools, and PKM. Her contributions not only enhance organizational effectiveness but also offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of knowledge management in the digital era.

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