About Insight Mapping

What's my mission? 

Helping individuals, teams and organizations accelerate their learning to continuously adapt to change and improve performance!

Who am I?

Barbara Fillip.  I have 25+ years of experience in two professional areas (International Development and Aerospace), combining project management, research, training and facilitation skills which I have applied in related fields such as Monitoring and Evaluation, Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning.

My specialty is Applied Insight Mapping, a variation of concept mapping which, combined with group facilitation, enables groups and teams to identify and document key insights and lessons based on their experience.

I have worked in international organizations, non-profit organizations, as a contractor in a federal government organization and as a consultant, which has given me a broad understanding of varied organizational settings.

Native French speaker. N’hésitez pas à correspondre avec moi en français.

More details on my LinkedIn profile.

Update - Coming back to consulting starting in May 2024