Saturday, September 17, 2011

KM Research Questions

I recently participated in a Twitter Chat focused on Knowledge Management Research (#KMers chat archive).

The conversation prompted me to think about key research questions I'd like to answer within the context of my own work.
  • What is different about knowledge management in the public sector (compared to the private sector)?
    Related Hypothesis: KM in the public sector is strongly impacted by contractor/government relationships and other types of "partnerships," creating organizational boundaries that inhibit knowledge sharing?
    Impact:  Barriers need to be recognized and addressed upfront.
  • What is the role of project managers and project management in knowledge management within the context of project-based organizations?
    Hypothesis:  1) Project-level knowledge management efforts need to be embedded in standard project management practices (not an add-on supported by the KM office); 2) In the absence of (and in addition to) formal KM requirements or embedding of KM practices in project management practices, the project manager plays a key role in ensuring the KM is taken seriously and not just a "check the box" activity.
    Impact:  We need to better understand how to embed KM practices and principles within established project management processes and we need to bring project managers on board.
  • What knowledge should knowledge management efforts focus on?
    Hypothesis:  KM efforts are often vague about the knowledge domain they will focus on or address, as if it was obvious or KM efforts were expected to cover all knowledge domains relevant to the organization.
    Impact: Be clear about what your KM efforts are covering or not covering.  Be strategic and focused. Don't try to do it all.
 Looks like I've skipped some steps and tried to answer my questions as I was asking them.
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Bassy said...

HI! i am new on this blog and i hope i will get a lot of valuable information here since i am doing a course on knowledge management. i also think i can give the little that i know for the benefit of others. thats the spirit of sharing!

Stephen Duffield said...
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