Helping individuals, teams and organizations accelerate learning to continuously adapt to change and improve performance.

[Fillip Consulting, LLC is going dormant as of April 15, 2019.]

Reflective Practice

1. Reflective Practice

  • Cultivating the habit - Making time to think
  • Improving the practice and meta-learning
  • The Art of Insight

2. Leveraging Tools of the Information Age

  • Foundations of Technologies for self-directed learning
  • Informal Learning in the Workplace
  • Your Personal Learning Plan
  • Connecting to a Community of Learners, Develop your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  • Mapping Applications:  Insight mapping
  • Mapping Applications - Social Network Analysis

Organizational Learning

1. Group Learning - Team activities

  • Facilitated Team Learning / Team Reflection
  • Insight Mapping for Group Reflection Activities
  • Personal Mapping for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Organizational Culture Assessment:  Are you a Learning Organization?

2. Problem Solving, Good Practices and Lessons Learned

  • Mapping Complex Problems
  • Strengthening Your Inboarding and Onboarding for long-term Benefits
  • Informal Learning Across the Organization
  • Project Histories and Case Studies
  • Expert Knowledge Capture through Interviews
  • Harnessing Learning in Start-ups - learning at the Speed of Change

3. Knowledge Sharing Events

  • Critical Knowledge (knowledge mapping)
  • Case Study Workshops
  • Knowledge Map Workshops

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