Publications and Presentations

Podcast:  Enterprise Knowledge - Knowledge Cast - December 2023

Webinar - "Making New Mistakes: Lessons Learned at NASA", August 16, 2017.  With Dr. Michael Bell and Dr. Jennifer Stevens.

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The Critical Path, a NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Flight Projects Directorate newsletter.
  • Summer 2017: Knowledge Continuity: An Individual Perspective 
  • Spring 2015 - "The Evolution of Pause and Learn at Goddard." 
  • Winter 2014 - "Guidelines for Documenting Project Lessons Learned." 
  • Summer/Fall 2014 -  "KMAPs - Pull and Push Strategies for Knowledge Dissemination." 
  • Spring 2014 -  "NICER and the Class D Constitution: Some Initial Lessons Learned. 
  • Fall 2013 - "Goddard's Informal Network of Risk Management Practitioners: Learning from the Diversity of Projects and Experiences." 
  • Summer 2013 - "K-MAPS - Pull and Push Strategies for Knowledge Dissemination." 

        NASA Knowledge Journal:  "The Evolution of Pause and Learn at Goddard," March 2015.

        NASA ASK Magazine: "Project Knowledge in the Moment, " No. 48, 2012.
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Evaluation-related Products
Research Reports
The following are all reports written for the Japan International Cooperation Agency's US Office between 1998 and 2002.