Sunday, March 13, 2016

Insight Mapping 201 - LIVE on Skillshare

My second Skillshare class is now live. This will be a different experiment.  While the first class was free, this second class is going to be set as a "premium" class.  Under the Skillshare model, it means that you need to be subscribed to Skillshare to take the class. You cannot pay per class, you pay a monthly subscription.

I have more than 100 students in the first class but none have been overtly active, meaning that none have posted a project or interacted with me in any way.  There are four positive reviews and no negative reviews.  

Here are my questions:
  • How many of the students in the current class will enroll in the second?
  • How many new students will enroll at no added cost to them because they are already subscribers?
  • How many new students will subscribe because they want to take this class (or because I brought them to the platform and they saw other premium classes of interest)?
Getting new students to subscribe is entirely up to my external marketing efforts.  Getting students to enroll in the class from within the existing Skillshare membership was relatively easy when the class was free because there are many ways of getting a free trial membership. 

Creating this second class was MUCH, MUCH easier than the first and I think it is at least 50% better in terms of production quality.  The first class almost looks like a draft of something that should never have been published.  I'm considering redoing it entirely.

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