Monday, December 11, 2017

Teaching Knowledge Management

I'm super excited to get access today to the Learning Management System that will allow me to teach Knowledge Management to undergraduate business students at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). 

This is going to be a new experience.  While I've taught online before, this is different because as of earlier this morning, I had no idea of the actual content of the course other than a short paragraph description.  Now I have 28 days to get ready!  The content is there (readings and major assignments).  I'll need to absorb it quickly and create corresponding learning activities that will engage the learners.  There's a creative aspect to it that's much less overwhelming than having to create content for an entire class AND an opportunity to share my own KM practice experience.  That's really what the College wants out of online faculty like myself.... our practical experience in the subject matter we are teaching.

The fun starts today.... and again when the learners start interacting online!
I'll post some lessons in March (or sooner).

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