Monday, May 27, 2024

From Local Nodes to Global Networks: Mapping Knowledge Ecosystems


I often come up with unconventional ideas when the tasks on my "to do" list undergo a melding process. Here's an example:

  • Task A: Exploring knowledge graphs and their benefits.
  • Task B: Reading the Agenda Knowledge for Development Goals and individual statements, while considering writing my own.

Combining these tasks led to a new question, both for the knowledge graph topic I am presenting on later in June and for my potential individual statement supporting the Agenda Knowledge for Development goals: Can knowledge graphs be developed to represent local knowledge ecosystems? If so, what would be the benefits?

From there, I began to consider:

  • What could we learn from hundreds of local knowledge ecosystem graphs?
  • How could these local graphs be linked into a global knowledge ecosystem graph?

One potential advantage might be that it would preserve the integrity of the local knowledge ecosystem. This idea is very meta because it's not just about the knowledge itself, but about the structure and interactions within the knowledge ecosystem(s). Is this just a case of wilding a hammer (knowledge graphs) and looking for nails to pound on?

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