Friday, May 31, 2024

Knowledge Mapping in International Development - Webinar follow up

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was preparing for two related yet distinct presentations.  I presented the first of the two on May 23rd and I can now share the recording recording.  I don't dare listening to myself talk, so I will just trust that it was good enough and worth sharing.


The feedback and questions were very useful. 

Some people wanted to know more about the specific tools I use or recommend.  Unfortunately, I don't make recommendations about tools.  I can talk about what I use but tool selection requires a thorough understanding of the context and unless I'm engaged in a consulting assignment where I can gather information about the context, I stay away from recommending tools.  Even in the context of a consulting assignment, I would most likely come up with a list of options rather than a recommendation of a single tool. 

Some people would have wanted a practical session where they could engage in the process of developing a map themselves.  I have done that in my teaching and at one point I had a course in Skillshare to learn how to map.  That was just not the objective of this webinar but it does indicate an interest in the topic and the practical application.

I don't think I adequately focused on specific use cases in international development even though that was what the audience was most likely to be interested in. That is something I will try to remedy with future work.

And that brings me to the second session, this time in June, through the Knowledge Management Global Network (KMGN) research group.  My plan there is to present my own learning journey so far around concept mapping and knowledge graphs, and open up a discussion around opportunities for further action learning/action research and deep dives.  

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