Thursday, December 01, 2005

Community-based Networks and Innovative Technologies: New models to serve and empower the poor, published by UNDP, 2005.

Authors: Seán Ó Siochrú and Bruce Girard

From the Summary: "The technology-development landscape is continuously evolving not only in terms of market dynamics and technology opportunities but also in terms of permitting new approaches to meeting the development and communication needs of the poor and under-served communities.

This report and its accompanying case studies consider one of these evolving options to address the problem particularly at the level of last-mile or last-inch access: an innovative combination of community-driven enterprises and the new wave of wireless and related technologies that together may have the potential to extend networks and offer new services to poor communities and to empower them to develop solutions that are more focused on their development needs. While a lot of attention is being paid to wireless and related cost-effective technologies, the focus has been mainly on connectivity and perhaps not enough on how this might permit new approaches to development at the local level that could also be effective in empowering communities."

I dream of a report that does not use the words "empower", "empowerment" and "sustainable".

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