Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Uncluttering Your Mind

There's something to NIKE's "just do it!" slogan that has always appealed to me. Today, I signed up for a fiction writing class. I had been thinking about doing this for so long -- yet not doing anything about it except checking out the same options over and over again -- that I eventually became annoyed by the repetitive nature of my own thinking processes. There is a danger in over-analyzing everything and feeling the need to rationalize decisions.

I learned something really useful a while ago in a time management class and through the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. When you create a "to do" list, you are essentially uncluttering your mind, freeing space for more productive thoughts. If you keep a personal or professional journal, writing down some thoughts on a regular basis can be a very useful way of processing your experiences and moving on with an uncluttered mind.

Signing up for a fiction writing class may sound like a very simple and mundane action but it has a huge uncluttering effect. To all the procrastinators out there.... go unclutter your mind!