Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kissing the Problem

I'm reading Annette Simmons' A Safe Place for Dangerous Truths: Using Dialogue to Overcome Fear and Distrust at Work.

I'm finding a lot of quotable passages and some nice expressions. Here is one: "Kissing the problem". When groups in an organization constantly complain about a problem and do absolutely nothing about it, they may have acquired a sort of complaint habit that they've become comfortable with. They're "kissing the problem." I've noticed a lot of this behavior going on. It's usually enveloped in a larger conversation about bureaucracy to make sure that nothing is actually done about it. A new employee might notice this but a long-time employee will not even notice because the behavior is part of the culture.

How about trying to "slap the problem" and wake up everyone?
And... what am I doing about it?
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