Friday, July 09, 2010

Embedding KM

Finally something on KM that rings true and is of immediate relevance to my work.  Nick Milton's blog post on "The failure to Embed KM" is, in my opinion, spot on. 

At a recent conference, I pointed out that embedding KM in work processes was critical to the success of KM initiatives.   People in the audience picked it up as an important insight, yet the conversation didn't go very deep.  I certainly didn't have much more than a general statement to offer. It's an issue we continue to struggle with.

It's one thing to start a KM program and implement a set of "successful" KM activities.  It's another to get to the point where KM is just something people do as part of their work rather than something the KM office does.

I suspect that the way KM initiatives are introduced and managed has a significant impact on the level of difficulty encountered in embedding KM activities in routine work processes.  In essence, the stronger the KM program, the more difficult it is to shift from KM led by a KM office to KM as everyone's responsibility. Sounds counter-intuitive, doesn't it?

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