Sunday, May 15, 2011

Videos as Knowledge Products

Update: See a similar post: Video Video on Danegeld.

I've been bookmarking videos on knowledge management.  People in knowledge management often argue that any face-to-face meeting needs to be recorded so that those who didn't attend might be able to benefit from the meeting as well.  I'm skeptical.  Face-to-face meetings are meant to be interactive.  If you're in the room, you have the ability to interact and the option to stay quiet.  If you're watching the video 12 months later on YouTube or some other service, there is a temptation to multitask (I'm writing this blog post while listening to a video recording of a 45 minute talk on personal knowledge management that is meandering and not getting to the point).  In a face-to-face setting, I am very tolerant of meandering presentations.  If I am watching a video and it's not getting to the point fast enough, I will start multitasking and then almost immediately stop listening.

There is a place for video products, but when we videotape a live lecture and make it available online, what percentage of the benefits of the live lecture do we lose?  I'm not even talking of the networking benefits involved in personally attending the event face-to-face and talking to speakers and participants.

Here is a collection of links to videos on Knowledge Management themes. (click on the pearl)

 Knowledge Management (videos) 


Ann Priestley said...

Hi Barbara!

I participated in your ICTs for development remote learning course many moons ago. Just came across your blog via #kmers and really enjoying it - slowly getting back into KM issues.

Like your point re meandering and multi-tasking - I've found the only way to digest podcasts/videos is while doing the washing up.

I've written a similar post at

Barbara Fillip said...

Hi Ann, I'm always happy to reconnect with the ICT for Development crowd. Glad you enjoyed the post.