Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Mapping Your Reading Reflections

Mapping can be used for many different things.  One of them is to take notes on readings.   The map below was done very quickly based on an article from the Harvard Business Review.  

What can I say about this map:

1) I used the article's headings and made it very simple to synthesize the content;  You could say that I didn't do a good job of synthesizing the content if the intent was to share the key messages of the article.  Headings don't always make a full story; 

2) I focused only on a few key thoughts that popped up while I was reading, mainly where the text either resonated with my own experience or failed to resonate.  The use of color is minimal and meant to put the emphasis on my own insights/reflections.  

Click on the image to enlarge/open in other tab or window.

3) I suspect that if I had read the article one more time and spent 20 more minutes with the map, I would have come up with a couple of additional, perhaps deeper insights.

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