Monday, September 05, 2016

Improvements on the Horizon - Interactive Maps

Until now, I've always posted maps as static images.  While seeing a static map is better than just reading a description of a map is an improvement, it's still a long way from the enabling the viewer to truly understand the power of interconnected maps.  Until now, my inability to post interactive maps (i.e., maps that visitors can click on and navigate across) was a key challenge that forced me to post simple, individual maps that were disconnected from each other.

I'm excited by the improvements that are coming.  I'll be leveraging the mapping tool's cloud capability, which will allow me not only to build maps in the cloud, but also to publish clouds directly to the web for easy sharing.

As a first step, I've posted one map as proof of concept, which has already given me some idea of the limitations of the approach and some of the possibilities.

Here is another approach, posting the map to a Google Site open to the public but with my domain.

Much more to come....

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