Sunday, July 30, 2017

Consider (Book 30 of 30)

Title: Consider: Harnessing the Power of Reflective Thinking in Your Organization
Author: Daniel Patrick Forrester

Ending this book series blog challenge with this book is no accident.  While I didn't have a precise order in mind in going through the 30 books in 30 days, I planned both the beginning (Learn or Die - Book 1 of 30) and the end (Consider).  To me, these two books represent a very "back-to-basics" approach.  We've hit the 20+ mark in the history of Knowledge Management and perhaps 25+ mark with Organizational Learning. What about basic conversation skills?  What about critical thinking?

We can complain all we want that databases of lessons learned aren't the answer, but how about helping people in organizations -- at the individual level and in teams -- to pause long enough to reflect, think it through, consider.  No time to think?  Think again! It's like everything else.  Make the time to think, reflect, consider. I dare you. Just try it.  It's refreshing.

I'm taking an entire year to do it and it doesn't mean I'll be sitting around in The Thinker pose doing nothing for 12 months.  I'll be very busy, yet I'm calling it a Year of Learning precisely because it will involve a lot of quick learning cycles, pauses, reflecting and adapting quickly.  Pausing to reflect doesn't mean you waste time.  In fact, pausing frequently to reflect means you have more opportunities to discover early that you're off track and to correct course or simply take advantage of new opportunities. In essence, you make better use of time and you're much more adaptable and flexible in a fast changing environment.

If you're still wondering why you should take the time to pause and reflect regularly, read the book.  I highly recommend it. You can pair it with Madelyn Blair's Riding the Current (Book 5 of 30).

  • Publish a list of resources on individual reflection (for PKM purposes).
  • Revisit the Skillshare Classes to decide whether to 1) leave "as-is", 2) remove, 3) redo.

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