Sunday, February 04, 2024

Personal Knowledge Management (Revisited)


  • Open-source Personal KM Apps: For those seeking personal KM solutions, lists 25 open-source apps suitable for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Tools like Obsidian, Zim Wiki, and TiddlyWiki are praised for their flexibility, customization, and ability to manage complex information efficiently​​. (Source). Feb. 3, 2024.  

    The text above is a blurb generated by a GPT I've set up to scan for relevant information about Knowledge Management.  The results are not perfect.  For example, even though the prompt specifies to look for information from the last 30 days, it did manage to give me one item from 2022.   I am not looking for perfection. It provides thinking and writing prompt ideas and keeps me up to speed.

    I was glad to see TiddlyWiki mentioned.  This year, I am returning to TiddlyMap and having a lot of fun with it.  I am treating it as a learning experiment, trying to build my own mini Knowledge Graph based on my own data and my own simple ontology.  TiddlyMap is a plugin for TiddlyWiki that includes a mapping functionality. It's only February 4th, I started adding content to the wiki about a month ago, and already, it's a challenge to remember everything I've added.  Yet, with a clear organizing scheme and consistent tagging, I can visually look a subsets of content pieces and navigate based on my own mental framework.   For example, one of the key components of my learning journey this year is Knowledge Graphs.   Here is what the map around Knowledge Graphs looks like as of today.  

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