Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Synthesizing and Combining

RealKM is always a good source of deeper content for Knowledge Management, and it is often pointing to other relevant sources.  Today, it prompted me to think about synthesizing.  Something lights up in my brain just by thinking about that word.  At the same time, I can't seem to easily disassociate it from combining.  You synthesize and combine, or perhaps some versions of synthesizing include combining, or synthesizing across many different sources. 

Today's reading:

Gardner, H., "Towards a taxonomy of synthesizing", January 30, 2024. RealKM, originally published on the Integration and Implementation Insights blog.  

This may be more critical than a simple matter of definition.  I am sensing a trend in using synthesizing and summarizing as synonyms and assuming that Generative AI can adequately synthesize.  I don't know that it can do what a trained human brain does to synthesize. There may be many contexts where it saves a lot of time and effort and the Generative AI summary is perfectly adequate.  And there may be times when either a more sophisticated prompt will be required or a combination of human and AI would yield the best results in synthesizing.  

There's much more to read around this kernel. 

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