Monday, March 18, 2024

KM and AI in the Workflow

We (KM professionals) often talk about embedding KM processes into the workflow so that KM isn't an additional burden on top of other processes.  And now we see a new push to embed AI in workflows. Beyond using a GenAI interface like ChatGPT, GenAI applications can be fully integrated within the tools employees use in their daily work. Microsoft's M365 Copilot is an example of that integration.  I also just saw how this integration works in Coda.

With all the excitement over the new GenAI capabilities and bells and whistles of potential integration, let's pause to figure out how to best combine human elements of KM that leverage the best of human intelligence, human critical thinking.  If we are going to dissect a process or set of processes in a workflow to integrate AI, we might as well spend some time thinking through where and how human intelligence will add value.  Let's not apply AI just to save time and increase productivity.  Let's revisit our workflows and integrate both AI and KM to give our brains more time to think.  

How can we both speed up (boring, tedious tasks) and slow down to think within the same workflow?

By carefully designing workflows and fostering a culture that values both AI efficiency AND human insight, organizations can create a powerful synergy.  A balanced approach would ultimately lead to more innovative and thoughtful outcomes. 

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