Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Organization of 2030


Three takeaways for me:
1a. Independent workers (freelancers) are becoming more important and will continue to become more important as a % of the working population.  Managers within organizations will need to learn how to work with them.  Half of the work might be done by these independents.
1b.  Independent workers will continue to innovate with collaborative models, collaborative commons, collaborative platforms.

2. Information overload is only going to increase and it's going to get worse in terms of how we interface with technology at work and increasingly, within the home as well.  There will be a need for training on how to disconnect (comment se d├ębrancher).

3.  Embracing technology and all it can do to enhance and transform our work and life models also means we need to keep strengthening human connections, get people to really talk and listen to each other.  Technology can and should enhance collaborative models that are the future of work.

There is a lot more I want to pursue for more in-depth exploration.  Merci, Mr. de Rosnay.  I am now following you on Twitter, and following your advice to be fully bilingual, although in my case, I am trying to ensure that I strengthen my original mother tongue, French.  It truly awakens different neurons to listen to a sophisticated talk in a language other than English.

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