Friday, February 02, 2024

KM, AI and Onboarding

My new KM+AI GPT-based news aggregator pointed me to this "guest post": How Can Knowledge Management Systems Help in Faster Onboarding Of Employees, 2/1/2024.  These types of articles, potentially written by generative AI and meant to advertise related software, are not that insightful but they are useful as daily thinking/writing prompts.  

There is no doubt a great opportunity to leverage KM and AI in support of onboarding.  Organizational silos can get in the way if the KM function is focused on other perceived need.

Onboarding is a critical touch point to socialize KM, starting with basics of document management, an understanding of where the key knowledge bases are located and how to access them, including how to access people's knowledge via collaboration tools -- and when to use what tool.

An initiative to integrate KM and AI into a new onboarding strategy would undoubtedly reveal weaknesses in information infrastructure, data management, etc..  When you improve access to key resources for new employees, you improve access and awareness for all employees.  Every weakness in existing systems that would surface as a result of a new onboarding strategy, if addressed properly, would have a huge impact on the entire organization.  So, perhaps that looks like scope creep, but it needs to be done anyways.  Might as well plan it in phases and get it done. 

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